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Human rights
What are your reflections on the respect for human rights today?
The sad truth is that recently we have had many examples showing that human rights are not respected as they shold be - from terrorists attacks starting, through discriminating minorities at the undemocratic elections finishing. Every action that violates independent rights of other human beings is a proof that some people are not aware of the fact where do their rights end and others rights start or they know but simply do not care for that. Should we treat the nowadays situation as an acceptable departure from the ideal or should we do our best to change it? Can we change it? Show your opinion! Provoke the discussion! Make others think, make them notice aspects they didn’t see before!
Cultural Differences in Dialogue
How do you see everyday encounters of different cultures?
Encounters of different cultures are not only a matter of border areas and minorities any more. Since possibilities to communicate and to meet are getting less and less limited, intercultural dialogue is gaining a wider sense. Apart from personal meetings e.g. during international events, studying in other countries or simply tourist visiting them, it can also mean e-mails, internet chats or even watching foreign movies. It can be about breaking stereotypes, prejudices or about creating them. No limits! However one understands that, it a right perception! Show your observations, use your experiences!
My Europe
What does Europe stand for?
Europe is being watched from many different points of view, by many different kinds of people.
They all are using the terms “Europe” respectively “European” – but what do they mean? Many people have images, thoughts, ideals, critics and opinions on what the term “Europe” means and what it is for them. What are they referring to – Geography? Values? History? Institutions? What does Europe have in common? And how are common aspects of Europe becoming reality? Are they natural or artificial?
Are they constructed, invented, did they develop or do they simply exist? How does the political and economical changes of an increasing European Union affect people´s lives? Is there an European identity and does European identity mean that they all identify with something or is it the conglomerate of everything Europeans have in common? Show with your film what Europe stands for in your point of view. Which risks, dangers, chances or promises it might mean. And which feelings and emotions Europe evokes. Presentation of your thoughts can be funny, sentimental, scary, thought-provoking.
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