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   Sustaining our Future was the
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Welcome to the website of AEGEE's Flagship Project '08/'09

This Flagship Project, initiated and carried out by a multicultural team consisting of young people from different parts of Europe, aimed to raise knowledge and involvement of European youth and their communities in the topic of sustainable development.

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Youth's Eye on Sustainability

"Sustaining our Future" project's results booklet is now ready and presented. The booklet aimed not only to show th results of the project but also to be used as a guidebook on sustainable development for young people.

Download the booklet from here.

"Sustaining our Future" closed

"Sustaining our Future" (also known as SuFu) was AEGEE flagship project for 2008-2009 and is now closed. The results booklet has been compiled and presented in AEGEE general assembly in Leiden, April 15-18, 2010.

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European Day of Environment throughout Europe!

Today, 5th of June, World's Day of Environment, the AEGEE network and SUFU celebrate once more the European Day of Environment: EDE 2009!!!!

21 antennae all over the Network during this week organised, organise and will organise several activities aiming to raise awareness on environmental issues!
SUstaining our FUture , your flagship project for 2008-2009 is proud to continue the tradition of EDE and would like to congratulate all the antennae which participate in EDE family 2009!!!!!


AEGEE Youth Think Tank “Create & In(ter)novate!” looked for innovative solutions in energy and mobility

On March 19-21 we organised the first pan-European youth think tank, taking place in Brussels. This think tank was designed to involve young European students and young professionals with pressing matters on energy and mobility.

It involved 50 young people from 11 countries throughout Europe formulating creative new and innovative ideas concerning questions put forward by industry.

The answers defined were judged by our independent jury. The best answer went home with the prize of 1000 euro. The idea that was voted the best was written by team "Adioma", with members studying in Brussels and Leuven.
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Sustaining our Future BLOG
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