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What is EDE?

The AEGEE flagship project 2008-2009 “Sustaining our Future” had its debut on the 5th of June 2008. A symbolic date to start, as the 5th of June is World Environment Day!!

In 2008 we managed to get attention to the important things we want to say and do through organising the EDE: European Day of Environment  – One Action Day during which  AEGEE locals all over Europe can Take Action to discover, know and improve their environment.

So of course we are going to organise another EDE in 2009!! But bigger -more participation locals- and better. Participate with us in the week around the 5th of June 2009!!

The Action Day aims to:

  • Draw attention to the importance of environment in our everyday life.
  • Inform European youth about alternative and sustainable living solutions.
  • Encourage youth to join and contribute to the dialogues and decisions on sustainable Future of European societies.


The theme

As the environment is quite broad as such, we identified some key points that the Action Day could more concentrate on:

  • How is scarcity of natural resources affecting our everyday life?
  • How is biodiversity loss affecting our everyday life?
  • What kind of impacts do our consumption and lifestyle choices have in the society and for the environment?
  • How does our environment influence us? (Natural, cultural, social)


Why June 5th?

5th of June is is UNEP World Environment Day

This is why we would like all participating antennae preferably to take action during this specific day. However, if due to local circumstances some other day during this week suits better, this is also possible.

An Action can last from a workshop of few hours to a mini-conference of the whole day. Antennae can choose it according to their needs and possibilities.


Aims & Objectives

Raise understanding of the importance of sustainable development among European youth and their communities at large, for their lives and future.

Inform European youth, through the members of our organisation, about the cultural, social and natural aspects influencing their living environment.

Acquire and promote information, guidelines and best practices aiming to more sustainable resources’ management and lifestyles.

Act on and promote alternative and sustainable living solutions for personal and social environmental responsibility.

Reduce the ecological impact of our organisation and share the experience as practical example for other youth organisations.


Expected results

Let students think about their actions in real life and how their habits affect the environment (present numbers and statitstiscs).

Getting feedback from students how they experience the importance of their environment in everyday life.

Students getting interested in the subjects (Global Warming, quality of life, scarcity of natural resources), questioning their situation and willing to take action and contribute.

Better knowledge about the actions that can be and are taken, both in local as European (international) context.

Generation of new ideas how to improve our attitude to the environment and implementing at least some of them.

Public attention to the Action Day, Flagship Project "Sustaining our Future" and AEGEE's activities in this field.


What can “Sustaining Our Future”offer You?

To give you an idea, what is it all about, you can soon find here some background information (including glossary of terminology, so you won’t get lost :)) and links about sustainable energy, global warming, etc.

To get your ideas going, we have listed some activities and sample Environmental Actions that you can use.

To show you that it’s not difficult, we have also brought out 15 steps how to organise EDE.

AEGEE has many partners and friends in European and national levels - we can help you to find partners for your EDE.

While organizing EDE, you can always turn to us for help – to give ideas for workshop or discussion themes, speakers, to comment and develop your plans.

Soon it will be possible to download a poster for EDE, some brochures and materials that you can distribute to the participants of your event.

Visibility - we will show on our web page all the antennae who are organising EDEs and will publish also the outcomes of your activities.

And by being involved in the flagship project, you help us to make AEGEE more visible and achieve our goals.



If you're interested in organising one of our local activities, want more information or just have a question, don't hesitate to contact “Sustaining Our Future”  team member Olga Daskali,


More information

For more information when organising or interested in organising a European Day of Environment, have a look at:

Tips for organising a kickoff "European Day of Environment" event.

Ideas for activities

Programme ideas for activities

Be part of a big family

Interesting links and possible partners

Contact information



EDE video/photo contest!

SuFu team has partnered with connect2earth initiative, run by WWF and IUCN, powered by Nokia, and is proud to present a photo/video contest in the topic of "Renewable Energy".

From May 25th to June 12th you can upload photos or short videos in this topic, in whatever angle you find it interesting.

Some examples: how do you see renewable energy in your everyday life? What is the future of renewable energy? Why is renewable energy good? etc

These are the directions how to upload your photos/videos:

1) Upload the picture or the video you want to enter the competition with on Flickr or Youtube

2) Go to

3) If you do not have a login register on the site, it just takes a few seconds

4) Navigate to

5) In the “What do you think?” dialog box enter a title and a description for your image/video. Please remember to include your antenna and the acronym EDE in the description. Something along the lines of: EDE AEGEE contest, Antenna name: xxxx

6) In the “Grab by URL” field, enter the URL of your picture or video on Flickr or Youtube (Other sites are supported as well, please click on “help” for a list”). Once you’ve entered the URL click on “Get” to display your picture/video and then on “Submit”. Please submit only one image/video per post to facilitate the jury’s evaluation.

7) Browse other content on the main theme (Power: the future of renewable energy) and participate if you want to say something… Remember to rate other members entries, it is very important for the ongoing competition on the site.

8) After June 12th, the Jury will get together and will select the best entry, based on content, message and relevance. (The Jury will be composed of the WWF and IUCN connect2earth managers, the IUCN energy expert featured on the site, and the AEGEE SuFu manager). The winner will receive an environmental mobile phone solar charger and will be recognized on connect2earth.

All the uploaded videos and photos will compete in the overall connect2earth competition lasting throughout the year, with the final prize of participation in the UN Climate Change Negotiations in Copenhagen in December.