Activities and Events

„Sustaining our Future“ activities in 2009 

AEGEE Think Tank: Create and In(ter)novate!
Time: March 19-21
Place: Brussels (Belgium)

The first ever pan-European youth think tank, on mobility and transport.
Around 100 active Europeans will gather in the capital of EU, to be divided into groups of 5 and to create solution paper for real questions proposed by insititutions and companies in the field of sustainable transport and energy. The papers will be judged by high-profile jury and best group rewared with 1000 euros. Event will also include lectures, workshops on the related topics as well as thematic site visits in Brussels.
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Sustainable SCANdinavia
Time: March 30-April 5
Place: Copenhagen (Denmark)

In this study visit, High ecological awareness of Danes and its product - sustainable daily lifestyles will be presented in order to share that positive example with young people around Europe. Event will consist of lectures and workshops on renewable energy and sustainable lifestyles, particularly food consumption, recycling and sustainable transportation; visits of recycling center, wind Energy Park, ecological farm and Danish Ministry of Environment; and finally a two-day case study where participants will have a chance to implement what they learned. 
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European Day of Environment
Time: around June 5
Place: all over Europe

AEGEE local groups all over Europe are invited to organise different activites from small to big ones, from movie nights and mini-conferences to cleaning actions and hiking trips, in order to get to know their own environment better and raise the awareness on environmental problems.
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Danube – let if flow!
It is a multi-level project with the main aims to raise awareness on the influence that Danube river has on economies, environment, societies, culture around it and vice-versa, to inform and educate young people about existing problems and develop creative solutions to reduce negative impact on Danube’s heritage. The project is divided into several events, each focusing on certain aspect of Danube river. 

Danube – source of inspiration
Time: August 15-22
Place: Danube Delta (Romania)

The event will consist of different lecutres, presentations and discussions on art, culture and the way natural sites have inspired people throughout history. There will be also workshops on environmental art and photo exhibition organised, as well as visit to Danube Delta itself. 

Danube – most international river in the world
Time: Sept 7-13
Place: Bratislava (Slovak Republic)

The unique international characteristics of Danube river and the countries surrounding will be explored and discussed. Also trip to Vienna, another European city, where Danube flows through, will be organised in order to create better understanding of the role of the river. 

Sustainable event organisation case studies
Time: February, April and October
Place: Torino (Italy), Maguša (Cyprus) and Kyiv (Ukraine)

During AEGEE’s statutory events (gatherings of 300 to 1000 people), there will evaluation made about the ecological impact of them. Also, different measures will be implemented to make them more sustainble. 

SuFu and the City
Time: Oct 31-Nov 7, 2009
Place: Madrid (Spain)

The event aims to raise awareness about the importance of cities in sustainable development strategies, informing youth about the possibility to take an active role on their city life. Conference will consist of different lectures, workshops and site visits in the topics of city planning, urban biodiversity, ecological buildings and active citizenship.

 Follow up
(Collecting, analysing and presenting the results, ongoing lobbying in European Institutions - December 2009 to May 2010)

Evaluation and analysis meeting
end of December 2009
Place: to be decided

A final meeting will be held for the project team, to evaluate the work done, analyse the results and plan follow up.

Project results’ presentation
beginning of May 2010
Place: to be decided

Together with the project’s result booklet we will present the overall results of the project to European youth leaders in AEGEE General Assembly. Also meetings and press conferences will organised to introduce the outcomes to European institutions.