Danube. Let it flow!

"Danube.Let if flow!" is sub-project of "Sustaining our Future", divided into 2 events: "Danube - source of inspiration" and "Danube - the most international river in the world".

The concept of this project came from the idea that Danube river is not just water. Danube river is passing through a lot of countries in Europe, having a significant importance and impact on people’s life. The river serves many purposes, such as transportation, food, recreation, agriculture, and so forth. Yet, this river has shown great importance in many other aspects, with its big influence on societies, environment, cultures, economies and so forth, both determining common micro-cultures along its bank side (ex: lipovenii from Danube Delta of Romania) and cultural differences.

"Danube. Let it flow!" aims to underline the importance of the Danube River and its ecosystems among youth, building active citizenship and environmental friendly attitudes in order to bring the topic of sustainable development closer to young people.

The objectives of the project are:

1. Raising awareness on the influence that Danube river has on economies, environment, societies, culture around it and vice-versa;

2. Informing and educating active youth workers of the unique characteristincs of Danube river and its ecosystems;

3. Informing and educating youth about existing problems and develop creative solutions to reduce negative impact on Danube’s heritage;

4. Promote sustainability using creative tools and present the different representations of Danube rivers in arts, literature, and promoting environmental friendly art that will capture the relationship between Danube river and youth.

The target group consists of youth activists with an interest in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection.

Each event will include a number of 25 participants, selected on the basis of their interest in the topic expressed in their motivation letters.

The project includes youth activists from the following countries: Romania, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Malta, Germany, Slovenia, France, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom and Turkey.


The project is supported financially by Youth in Action programme.

Danube - source of inspiration

Danube - the most international river in the world