You have found your way to Take Control!

Welcome to the webpage of Take Control, Ways to democracy in Europe. On this page you will soon find all there is to know about AEGEE’s flagship project of 2006, though at the moment it is still under development, quickly nearing it's final state.

On behalf of the Take Control team, we hope you have a nice stay on our website!

What is Take Control?

Take Control is the flagship project of AEGEE-Europe in 2006. The project will contain a series of training events, conferences, political campaigns, educational and media activities all intended to increase the involvement and engagement of young people in the (European) political process. The project focuses on informing young citizens about the European Union and how they can influence European decisions, as well as providing them with the skills to do so and encouraging positive attitudes to participation.

The project contains a number of sub-projects which all have their own topic but at the same time they are closely connected and related. Together the projects will create the synergy to make a difference.

Project aims

Take Control’s main purpose is to increase the involvement and engagement of young people in the (European) political process. To realise this goal the following aims are proposed:

  • Inform young people about how they can influence political decisions, also on the European level
  • Equip young people with the skills needed to influence political decisions
  • Develop positive attitudes among young people towards political participation
  • Inform young people about the European Union and its decision-making processes
  • Evaluate and improve the means of communication between the EU and (young) citizens

The logo

Here you find a short presentation of the logo. There are serveral symbols in the logo:

  • Check sign as symbol for good and positive
  • Voting box as symbol for democracy, better future progression
  • The word “CONTROL” is bigger and more powerful than the word “TAKE”
  • The color green for hope and safety