The Take Control Team

Core team

The core team of Take Control, existed of the project manager, financial manager and the content manager, they are supported by the managers of the separate projects and the PR-team.

Project Manager:Maarika Merirand AEGEE-Tartu
Financial Manager:Grzegorz Fratczak
Leon Bakraceski
Content Manager:Ankie KnippenberghAEGEE-Tilburg

PR Team

Burcu Inan AEGEE-Ankara
Annelen Bach AEGEE-Passau
Bartek Kotowicz AEGEE-Gdansk
Tim Franssen AEGEE-Enschede
Tim Vaessen AEGEE-Utrecht

Project Managers

European Citizens InitiativeYvonne van Rossenberg AEGEE-Tilburg
EU descision-making Ines Verspohl AEGEE-Osnabrück
Democr part. in High Schools Else Boss AEGEE-Utrecht
Media and Democracy Anna Gottschalk AEGEE-Passau
Election Observing MissionsSelene Biffi AEGEE-Tartu
Democracy Beyond BordersDorota Dyrcz AEGEE-Gdansk

Contact details:

Core team:

Maarika Merirand Manager maarika.merirand*AT*
Finanical Manager Grzegorz Fratczak
Leon Bakraceski
Ankie KnippenberghContent Managertakecontrol-ankie*AT *

Project Managers:

Yvonne v Rossenberg European Citizens Initiative
Ines Verspohl Model EU decision-making modeleurope*AT*
Else Boss Democr. High Schools else*AT*
Anna Gottschalk Media and Democracy aegee.ana*AT*
Selene Biffi Election Observation Missions selene_biffi*AT*
Dorota Dyrcz Democracy Beyond Borders dorotadyrcz*AT*