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Media has a significant influence on democracy. The coverage of issues concerning democracy in the media is smaller than we would like, and should be more popular with the general public. Therefore, the public should be more involved in creating more content on these issues from different points of view. We can produce the content on matters that interest us the most.

Aims of the project

The project has four aims;

  1. Attract young journalists to create content on pan-European issues for quality media
  2. Attract young adults to create content on pan-European issues for easy to reach media
  3. Educate people in creating content for easy to reach media
  4. Educate people in approaching quality media and how to ´sell´ a story

The Team

Project ManagerAnna Gottschalk AEGEE - Passau
FR/Treasurer/Vice-managerVincent de Bruijn AEGEE - Enschede
PR-responsiblePiotr Wojciechowski AEGEE - Lublin
Media-contact responsibleAleksandra Gryciuk AEGEE - Lublin
Documentary directorGökçecan Gürsoy AEGEE - Eskisehir


10-04-2006: Article writing contest!
Soon the article writing contest will start; it will be held on 3 topics:
- European Citizen's initiative (Take Control)
- Model Europe (Take Control)
- a topic concerning democracy of your own choice!
The winning articles will be placed in the big final result booklet of Take Control!

10-04-2006: Locals needed for journalistic writing course
After the workshop at the EBM we decided it would be great to have an event about article writing! So we are looking for locals who'd like to organize a program for a few days. In this course is included:
- Interview + research techniques
- structuring articles, facts & creativity
- approaching media
E-mail us if you're interested!

05-04-2006: Eyes of Europe website launched
The website for the IP-TV channel is launched, check out:

01-03-2006: IP-TV station gaining ground
AEGEE-TV and the Media & Democracy project are combining forces to create our own online European tv-channel.

18-01-2006: Media Project School München
AEGEE-München is organizing a one week training course for introducing interested and dedicated AEGEE members to basic broadcasting practices. The progam will include trainings on how to work professionally as a journalist and provide the participants with the technical skills needed, for producing high-quality TV-content. The lectures and workshops will be held in the mornings and the case studies will take place in the afternoons. They will be treating different aspects of the Citizens Initative for a Citizens Initative. The participants are required to work in teams of 3-4 people and additionally get advisory assistance by a Tutuor. By the end of the week we will have finished a film which will be broadcasted on IP-TV.

During the same period, the tree-day exhibition, “Medientage München”, will be taking place. There, the decision makers of the sector gather, in order to discuss the latest trends and tendencies in the world of media. By visiting this exhibition the participants will be offered the chance in getting close up with the current innovations of the media market.

There are no journalist skills required!

Check: Media Project School