Take Control Update 5 April
Take Control of your summer!!!

Take Control Update 5 April

Dear Democracy – fans!

It has been a while but a lot has happened and since it was requested, with my last e-mail I would like to give you thorough update on the project. First up: general PR and FR then the 6 project parts. So, get ready.....

Fundraising for the project:
At this point in time we have applied, for the European Youth Foundation, in order to get money for our results booklet and The National Endowment for Democracy, Coca-cola and Ford foundation to get money in general from the project. Next up will be the application for the Plan – D grants from the European Commission.

Promotion of the project:
For the general mailing, the PR –team has created a fabulous poster and the incredibly green Take Control T-shirt! Further was there the EBM presentation of the entire project and the 3 workshops for the project teams. Next up there will be new content on the website and the project will be at several Regional Meetings and then of course the Agora in Warszawa.

European Citizens Initiative
The team, that means 11 people from 8 different NGO’s, had a meeting as there latest activity. On the campaign meeting seminar the following topics were discussed:
Broadening the alliance, Institutions and Political Parties, How and when to start, Information and guidance materials, Fundraising and Plan D, Volunteer support, Website and Communication.
Since the meeting was very recent, the results will be on the ECI-list any moment now, also next up will be the Agora workshop and also work was done on communication within AEGEE.

EU Decision making and Citizens Influence
The first events are now approaching very soon:
The EU (how) does it work by AEGEE-Leuven and
International Days of Negotiation by AEGEE-Poznan are approaching.
Then the preparations for Model Europe are in progress, most energy is now put in fundraising and getting MEP support, as well as internal promotion of the project through an Agora workshop.

Democratic Education in High Schools
After the EBM, were the high school workshop was tested on EBM- participants, it has become clear that some more needs to be done to get an optimal workshop. Also the content of the Training for Democracy (Budapest, in July!) was clearer defined. Just after the EBM the Youth application for this training was submitted, with at least 7 partnerships forms for participating locals. Also the team found 3 more team members and a potential case –manager for the Training for Democracy.

Media and Democracy
Also the Media had a very successful workshop at the EBM, what else to expect from the team with the most members present there! For the past period they have worked on a flyer, presenting there project and Take Control in general. They have developed new ideas how to motivate people more to write. They also made sure that Take Control was represented in the next One Europe Magazine. Next up for them is the workshop at the Agora and finding fundraising for there Media Project School in October.

Election Observation Mission
With the Ukraine Mission just finished it is obvious that the most time and energy was spend on the Ukraine Elections. A group of 27 AEGEE’ans joined forces with DiDEE, to observe the elections in the Odessa region. For a detailed report on there findings, please check For the upcoming period the will on the one hand collect further results of the mission and create the frame work for a continued project outside Take Control. The first step will be the workshop at the Agora.

Democracy beyond borders
The two congresses, in May are coming up soon:
Civil Society & Political Transformation by AEGEE-Bamberg and
Transition to Democracy in Central Eastern Europe by AEGEE-Lodz.
Then on the study tour, the team is strengthened by AEGEE – Chisinau and AEGEE-Kyiv. They are working on finding another non-AEGEE partner in Warszawa. They have changed the time and location from there EBM –workshop to the Agora, so keep you eyes open for that one! Furthermore they have worked on the content of the study tour.

Thanks for reading, for all your questions about the project not answered by this update, feel free to e-mail me!

Take Care, Take Control,


Take Control of your summer!!!

Two brilliant projects have joined hands to offer AEGEE the most unforgettable summer. Namely, a number of summer universities have incorporated Take Control in their program. There will be workshops, AEGEE-introductions and more... ;) Apply for one of the summer universities by the following organizers and find out how Take Control can spice up your summer!!

  1. AEGEE-Athina
  2. AEGEE-Baki, AEGEE-Tbilisi
  3. AEGEE-Beograd
  4. AEGEE-Brasov, AEGEE-Bucuresti, AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca
  5. Budapest
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  11. AEGEE-Lubljana, AEGEE-Maribor, AEGEE-Nova Gorica/Gorizia
  12. AEGEE-Oviedo
  13. AEGEE-Sibiu
  14. AEGEE-Tallinn
  15. AEGEE-Tartu
  16. AEGEE-Torun, AEGEE-Zielona Gora
  17. AEGEE-Trier
  18. AEGEE-Turin