Democracy Beyond Borders

The democracy beyond borders project focuses on the democratic heritage of central and eastern European countries. With there communist past these countries have all a very similar past. But since the fall of the communist regime all these countries are on there way to democracy. But of course different circumstances have caused very different outcomes in the ongoing process.

Objectives of the project

The main aim of the Study Tour is to educate young Europeans in the field of democracy and show them how democratic systems were brought to Moldova, Ukraine, Poland and other ex-communist countries. On the one hand it will aim at showing the students from developing democracies how democracy works and how they can take action to help their own democracies. The other target group are students from the west of Europe, to show them that democracy is not a given fact but something worth fighting for.

The team

Dorota Dyrcz AEGEE - Gdansk
Denisa Siskova AEGEE - Bratislava
Aleksandra Szaran AEGEE - Poznan
Mariana Pinteva AEGEE - Sofia
Laura Costica AEGEE - Bucuresti
Bilgi Can Köksal AEGEE - Ankara
Baris Kayadelen AEGEE - Ankara