Democratic Education in High Schools

Why democratic education in High Schools?
The Implementation
The Team
Training for Democracy
How to get to Hungary

The Events:
Training for Democracy

Why democratic education in high schools?

As active AEGEE-members we, the core team of this sub-project, are very enthusiastic about working together with people from all over Europe, organising things, travelling together, discussing and having fun. We are very much aware that not everyone shares this enthusiasm and that many people are much more sceptic about what is possible with respect to European cooperation and active citizenship. We want to show others what experiences we have, the good and the bad, what is possible and stimulate them to become an active citizen in Europe as well.

Since high school is an environment we all know well and have access to, we decided to focus on active citizenship education in high schools. Also, because we believe that if we can show teenagers what is possible and how inspiring and fun active citizenship in Europe can be, this will have a positive effect on their attitude towards Europe in their adult years.

The implementation

Starting in 2006, we will organise trainings and workshops about active citizenhip in high schools all over Europe.

A general training concept will be designed by the project team based both on current methods of citizenship education and more experimental ones. Outcomes of the workshops part of the “Take Control” project, ideas of educators and other NGO’s will be incorporated in the design.

Based on this first version of the training, trainers will be educated in the basic concepts of citizenship and equipped with basic training skills at the Training for Democracy in Budapest in July. They will then pass this knowledge on to volunteers in AEGEE branches all over Europe. While doing this, the basic training design will be adjusted for local use taking into account cultural differences. These volunteers will approach high schools and youth groups to arrange the workshops.

Based on the experiences in the high schools and youth groups the concept will be evaluated and adjusted on a regular basis. The outcomes of the project will be presented to the European Commission and Council at the final conference of the “Take Control” project in Brussels.

The team

Else Boss AEGEE - Utrecht - main coordinator
Robert Queckenberg AEGEE - Passau - Content
Anna Gabriel AEGEE - Heidelberg -Content and contact person for volunteers
Kim Zwitserloot AEGEE - Maastricht - PR
Sandra Geldmacher AEGEE - Passau - PR
Arne Reis AEGEE - Passau - Finances and FR
Patrick Hanckmann AEGEE - Eindhoven - Manager Training for Democracy

Training for Democracy

From July 7 till July 12 we will organise the Training for Democracy in cooperation with AEGEE-Budapest (CA). If you would like to be one of the many volunteers going to the high schools and would like to train others to do so as well, this is the place to be for you!

We will teach you the basics of

• active citizenship in Europe
• speaking in public
• training design
• moderation skills
• and many other useful tools...

What should you bring along as participant?

• An interest in all forms of active citizenship
• Willingness to both learn and teach
• Readiness to commit yourself to the project for a longer period of time
• Preferably, but not necessarily, previous experiences in teaching and/or training.

We will help you develop your own workshop so it suits the needs and circumstances of your own region. After the training you will be expected to take this workshop to the high schools in your own area and we would like you to help us as a multiplier to get more people involved by training them in the main concepts.

If you fulfil these criteria don’t hesitate to apply for our event. Just go the Calendar of Events and apply!

If you would like some more information first, you can write to the manager Patrick Hanckmann.

How to get to Hungary

Hungary's international airport is Budapest Ferihegy Airport in Budapest. The Hungarian national carrier is Malév (Hungarian Airlines). There are also several low cost carriers operating to Budapest, for example:


By train there are direct connections to Hungary from all the immediate neighbors: Austria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Ukraine. There are also direct trains from countries slightly further afield: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, and even Switzerland. On Elvira and on you can search for train connections.

Several international bus lines also go to or through Hungary. You can find timetables and book tickets on the homepage of Volánbusz , which is the national bus company and also your local Eurolines representation.

If you are in for something different, you can also come by boat.It is possible to enter Hungary by international shipping lines on Danube (Duna) or Tisza rivers.;-)